Coffee Buttercream Recipe


This deliciously smooth frosting is one of my favourites.  It goes very well with any cake flavour but best pairs up with coffee cake.  For a good coffee cake recipe click here.  If you do use this recipe, increase all the ingredients by 5o% so use 6 eggs, 12 oz flour etc.  Bake in two 9inch round pans. Then use the below frosting recipe to fill between the two cakes and cover. That will yield 12 generous servings.

My recipe for the coffee buttercream is slightly adjusted to the one in the link.


250g salted* butter softened to room temperature

2 cups of icing sugar

2 teaspoons of instant coffee (I used Columbian arabica) dissolved in a tablespoon of boiling water.


1. Beat the butter on medium high speed for 2 minutes.

2. Add the icing sugar 1/3 cup at a time, scrapping down the bowl regularly and beating with each addition. Occasionally a little less or more icing sugar may be needed to reach the desired consistency.

TIP: icing sugar has a tendency to fly everywhere so place a damp tea towel near the mixture to catch the dust.  If your mixer does not have a splash guard, place a damp tea towel on top too or stir each addition in carefully before starting the beaters.

3.  Slowly pour in the dissolved coffee with the beaters running.  Scrape down the bowl and give it a final beat on high for a minute or until whippy.

*I find salted butter produces a better result in baking and in frosting recipes compared to unsalted.

Most frosting recipes may look simple but can be tricky to get to the correct consistency.  This particular frosting is very easy to get a perfect consistency and taste.  Happy baking!


Packet Cake Mix

Being the cake snob I am, I wouldn’t normally think about buying a packet mix. I even have issues eating ready made cakes unless they are from reputable bakeries or I’m just desperate! That’s probably why my family find it so hard to buy me a birthday cake to the point it’s now just a no go area 😐  Anyhoo, while going grocery shopping with my sis abroad, she was in the ‘isle’ looking for a dumpling mix. Suddenly, this caught my eye:


At first I didn’t notice how photoshopped the image was. All I saw was a delicious looking cake. And it was pineapple flavor.  I like pineapples in cake (and on pizzas) and so a couple of boxes ended up in my sisters trolley. I thought I’d try one and give one to my niece.

‘I should follow the instructions’ I thought, knowing that I don’t trust anyones instructions fully but my own! So I set off trying to make this marvelous looking cake. I was nervous. The instructions were vague. There wasn’t any fillings with the cake, it was just the dry mixture for the cake itself.  Great(!) I needed to figure out what would go best with a packet cake mix Id never made before. I didn’t know how sweet the cake was going to be or what the texture would be like, nor how strong the pineapple would be. So, I played it safe by employing fresh double cream to act in as my filling and frosting. Sorted.  So lets begin!

Wait..I just remembered another reason why I don’t like store/packet cakes..


..hmmm…its a one off…let’s pretend this list of ingredients really translates to butter, sugar, eggs and flour.

I had no idea how much mixture it would make, should I line two pans or one? The instructions said one so I lined and cuffed it incase there was overflow while baking.

The dry mixture looked ok but boy was the pineapple frangrance strong. That is, the pineapple hubba bubba fragrance.  Lets just get this done..

I followed the intructions EXCEPT there was NO WAY I was going to beat the mixture for two minutes on medium speed.  I want cake not bread!  Even the 30 seconds I gave it was agonizing. Moving on, I baked it.


It was very domed. I liked the colour.  It didn’t brown like a butter based cake. Smelled better now it was cooked. I wanted that dome gone so I turned it upside down to cool on a wire rack and waited a couple hours.  I cut as much of the dome off as I could, sliced it into three and sandwiched it with whipped unsweetened double cream.  The cake was quite sweet and flavourful and so fancy fillings would’ve been too much.



I finished it very simply with covering in cream and garnished it with sliced almonds and chocolate ganache


After setting in the refridgerator for one hour, I cut a slice eager to see the inside and to taste it.  It cut well, neatly.  It was spongy and kinda flakey but just not as crumbly as a butter cake.  It was moist too.  After taking a quick pic I tasted it.


It tasted okay actually! Definitely a little artificial.  The double cream balanced it somewhat. My family were in mixed opinions.  My dad loved it. My daughter did not like it (she prefers bird seed muffins remember!). Mum ate it. Did I go back for seconds? Well, only a tiny slither as I was putting it away for the night 😉