Black and White Wedding Cake


Black and white wedding cake

This simple yet elegant cake consisted of four tiers (14″, 11″, 8″ and 6″) of chocolate and vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream frosting.

The rough sketch.  I think the cake turned out very close to the original design which is always a good thing.

20130228_125834 - Copy

Sugar paste flower (with inedible crystal stamen cake topper).  Always try and make the cake topper in advance so it can dry. Its a good idea to make two (I didn’t in this case..oops!).  Thankfully, one was enough but I watched it like a hawk.

I used a stencil from designer stencils for the print design on the second tier


A bow made from 25 mm double satin ribbon which I looped over a few times and fanned out. Secured with a few stiches and pinned together by a decorative broach.


The cakes was stacked on site. Finishing touches were 25mm and 38 mm double satin black ribbon and diamonte strips



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