I simply cannot resist cake..

Screenshot_2013-12-02-20-06-43-1-1..can you? My favourite part is eating them, obviously, but to get there I’ve got to bake it first!  That’s how it all started. I wanted to eat fresh, scrumptious cakes made with good quality ingredients.  A few years ago I started my own cake business called 7Almonds. Being self taught (the internet is a very good teacher!), this blog is about my continuing journey into the world of cakes.  From baking to designing a fully decorated cake.  I hope to give back to the online cake community some tips and ideas I’ve (sometimes painstakingly) learnt for myself!  I’ll try and post recipes and share some of my baking experiences, including photos of cakes I’ve made professionally so you can use them for ideas on your next cake project. It’ll also be a place where I can showcase my collection for  family, friends, clients and you all.  I hope you enjoy my blog and Happy Baking 🙂